“ Faceted. We all have cracks” collection / Serie“Facetados. Todos tenemos grietas”

by Bego Fuente

The “ Faceted. We all have cracks” collection is inspired in the fact that sometimes we feel like rocks, stable, strong, composed. But every rock, no matter how seemingly solid, has its own tiny cracks within. And if we don´t allow ourselves to feel weak, touched and seek for support when we need it, those tiny cracks can expand under the emotional pressure to become larger and larger until we crumble. Rocks as well do crumble.

La serie “ Facetados. Todos tenemos grietas” se inspira en el hecho de que a veces nos sentimos como rocas, estables, fuertes, imperturbables. Pero toda roca tiene grietas a pesar de su aparente solidez. Y si no nos permitimos sentir debilidad, emoción y buscamos ayuda cuando la necesitamos, esas pequeñas grietas pueden expandirse bajo la presión emocional hasta que nos derrumbamos. Las rocas también se desmoronan.

“ The Gotto “ collection / Serie “La Gruta” by Bego Fuente

Our character is the end product of our unique life history. We get shaped by our experiences, interests, vocations, choices, emotional episodes, the context we live in, our surroundings...every facet leaves a trace in us, a remain, and this is what we find in our inner grotto, the vestiges of what defined us.

Nuestro carácter es el producto de nuestra singular historia vital. Nuestras experiencias, intereses, vocaciones, elecciones, episodios emocionales, el contexto en el que vivimos, lo que nos rodéa nos moldea. Cada faceta de nuestra vida deja una huella, un rastro, y es éso lo que podemos encontrar en nuestra gruta interior, los vestigios de lo que nos definió.


...Play is my personal and whimsical path to uncovering new ideas. Shapes and volumes come to life through experimentation which is a key aspect in my process of creation and often leads to beautiful discoveries. There is not much premeditation. I sometimes just follow my instinct or whatever thoughts come to mind. I flow in that creative mindset.

Thus I don´t usually approach my work as a jeweller but more as an artist. There´s not always a need for sketches or drawings, no urge to tell stories or find underlying messages, it is more about shaping emotions and capturing the raw beauty of the elements I use and the starting point is always that fruitful and stimulating creative chaos of materials, colours, found objets surrounding me. I get inspiration from the everyday life, from decaying walls, peeling paint, casual splashes of color, from the context I live in.

Play is said to be related to emotional well being. It deploys improvisation and imagination that inspires both the creator and the viewer later so in that respect we could say mine is a quest for beauty, balance, textures, patterns, colours and emotions....